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Welcome to the Nerds Guide to FI Podcast! I’m here to show you that financial independence can be for anyone who wants it badly enough and that investing in real estate doesn’t have to be scary, take vast DIY knowledge, or involve heaps of debt.


When I am not sharing my own progress to FI, I’ll be picking the brains of like-minded debt contentious investors. 


I am so glad you are here, my fellow aspiring retirees. 

You bought your first rental property, now what?


David from @DIY_Landlord is back on the pod, and we are diving into the ins and outs of managing your properties. There is a TON of incredible advice shared in this episode, so I marked the highlights for you. Have a pen and paper ready and be prepared to reference this again and again. I am beyond excited to share this with you all!

Listen to this, it is AWESOME!

Humble, house hacking roots to FI before 30 



Whether you have just started learning about real estate investing, or have been in the game for a while, you’ve probably heard the name Felipe Mejia. Today I got to pick his brain about everything from his beginnings in real estate, what he looks for when buying a property, his personal finances, bitcoin, and credit repair (we truly talked about ALL the things in this one).

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